When a Chapter Comes to an End

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“One is never afraid of the unknown; one is afraid of the known coming to an end.” Jiddu Krishnamurti Stumbling across this quote couldn’t have been more of a blessing in the moment. I was trying to find the perfect quote that summed up what I was experiencing at the news of my gym’s official […]

Swimco Bikini Experience

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The time had come. It was already approaching mid-August and I had committed to trying on a minimum of two bikinis a month until December – at which point I agreed I would purchase at least one. I had made an appointment with a fit expert named Larisa at the Swimco located in South Centre […]

A Weird Bikini Journey

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I am all about setting goals that are reasonably easy to reach. I am also all about doing things that freak me out a little, and are generally just outside of my comfort zone. Somehow it came up when I was speaking to my personal trainer that I’ve never owned a bikini in my life. […]

Confessions & Drawing on Resources

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There are a few things I just straight up don’t enjoy doing. I’m almost embarrassed to admit it, but considering it’s the whole premise of this post, I need to just embrace it and let you all in on my dirty little secret. I don’t enjoy fishing. Not. One. Bit. Now, you might be thinking, […]


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Instagram Challenge! #momsadventuretooI have teamed up with amazing Ellie of Frogs-Snails-Geckotails to bring you what I deem to be a VERY important challenge. #momsadventuretoo  Many of you are the types of moms who take their kids out to do wonderful things.  You follow your children around and take beautiful photos of them in all kinds of […]

Live the Adventure

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I’m just sitting here with my youngest son, sipping a tea and dreaming up new adventures, when it occurred to me that I have a whole list of challenges to complete by the end of May.  I am part of an online community, Explore Magazine’s Live the Adventure Club Gear Box.  This is a great community […]