FRIDAY FEATURE: Little Black Dress Consignment

It was back in December of 2016 when Judy and Kenny Mackenzie decided to buy Little Black Dress Consignment in Black Diamond, Alberta.

Kenny and Judy, co-owners of Little Black Dress Consignment

Judy had been a consignor with the previous owner. When she told Judy she was selling the business, something just felt right about it and after a week of thinking, she took the plunge. Her daughter Kenny was only 18 at the time that they became business partners.

Their first fashion show was with former neighbouring store Lori’s Looking Glass at Hard Knox Brewery. The idea behind these fashion shows was to showcase the quality, variety and affordability of their inventory.  The hope behind this was to have people see that they could shop in their store no matter what their size, budget or style needs.

Store view, photo taken from Little Black Dress Consignment Facebook page.

What makes this even more fun and exciting is that they use local models for these fashion shows! In fact, I had the opportunity to model at their most recent show that was held at the Rona in Black Diamond! It was a really fun experience, plus I always like to do things that are way out of my comfort zone – this being no exception. Stay tuned, their next show comes in the fall, and I hope to be harnessing my inner runway model again to showcase their wonderful selection of fall outfits.

What Judy tells me is that they love being part of the community and have always wanted to find a way to give back. They believe their store is a great place to find wonderful “new to you” clothes and meet new friends.

Judy and her three daughters. All of them assist with the store in some way.

Personally, I can vouch for both of these things. This is one of my most loved spots to get new to me clothes, consign clothes that no longer fit me, and visit with awesome people. Their whole staff team can be described as “amazeballs” if you like to use that word as much as I do, and their eye for fashion never ceases to impress me. It’s not unusual for me to go in and tell them to “dress me” which always results in me leaving with something awesome.

I popped into the store before my TEDx event that I spoke at and found myself the MOST PERFECT dress, boots and even jewelry that helped me to feel confident in front of a crowd. To be fair, Judy found it, I just tried it on and fell in love with it immediately.

Photo: Mary Clarke Photography Make up: Audra McGregor

I also went into the store recently and knocked over an entire display of jewelry and Judy didn’t even poke me in the eye. Seriously, who does that? I’m such a tornado some days.

I make up for it though by shopping there frequently. In fact, after this photo shoot with Mary Clarke Photography, showcasing one of the beautiful outfits available at the store, I couldn’t part with the jean jacket and it’s now a staple in my wardrobe. Pairs lovely with essentially every dress I own.

Photo credit: Mary Clarke Photography Make up: Audra McGregor

If you’re ever in the market for new clothes, keep Little Black Dress Consignment on your radar. They have also been known to put on an awesome private shopping party for a group of ladies if you’re into that! It’s a locally owned and operated hidden gem. Absolutely not a store you want to overlook!

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  1. Erinn, thank you so much for a great feature on our store!!! You captured the very essence of Little Black Dress so beautifully! Photo shoots are amazing! Beautiful model + talented photographer + some great threads = AMAZING

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