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I’m just sitting here with my youngest son, sipping a tea and dreaming up new adventures, when it occurred to me that I have a whole list of challenges to complete by the end of May. 

I am part of an online community, Explore Magazine’s Live the Adventure Club Gear Box.  This is a great community that all stems from a BOX of gear!  You receive the box in the mail quarterly for a nominal fee, with 3-6 pieces of carefully curated gear. 

Sam at the Stonewall Park Quarry in Manitoba, testing out his bouldering skills for one of the weekly challenges.

Now, we all know we could just run out to the store and buy random gear and move on in life.  What you CANNOT buy at a store, is the supportive online community.  I am part of an incredible group of outdoor enthusiasts from all across Canada.

I am learning more about outdoor activities in my amazing country.  I am connecting with new people. I am sharing my own moments of inspiration and enthusiasm.  I am participating in weekly challenges that push me out of my comfort zone, and I stand the chance to win free gear!

I’m already so excited to be part of this that I can’t wait to finish these challenges and see what comes next month.  I have already met one of the other members of the club, and brought him out hiking with us.  I have been thrilled to include my own kids in the challenges to be completed.

We have been more spontaneous than usual, but we have also planned more intentional outings and had a greater amount of variety.  I love to hike, but this has brought me back to things like rock climbing.  I have also started to even get out without my kids once in a while, which up until this box, was essentially unheard of!

So what are you waiting for? Are you struggling to find the drive and motivation to get out into the wilderness?  Are you looking to connect with folks like yourself?  Trying to branch out and meet different people who may have interests you’d like to try out?

Just DO IT!  Click HERE to join! Be a part of something bigger!

Getting out without my kids has become an awesome way to reconnect with my roots.

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  1. So awesome! You should post a link to the video of you opening the last box. I'm still amazed with the awesome mix of goodies in there. Very cool!

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