Instagram Challenge! #momsadventuretoo

I have teamed up with amazing Ellie of Frogs-Snails-Geckotails to bring you what I deem to be a VERY important challenge.


 Many of you are the types of moms who take their kids out to do wonderful things.  You follow your children around and take beautiful photos of them in all kinds of great backdrops, doing all of the wonderful things that children do.

Ikey showing off his awesome self!

You diligently post these on social media, pleased at the beautiful moments you have captured.

But wait…

Something very imporatant… is…. missing!


Spring on Gunnery Creek Trail  #momsadventuretoo

Anyone who is familiar with my Instagram and Facebook feeds, know that I am not shy to be in front of the camera.  I have often had people say to me that I am the selfie queen or that they wish they could be in more photos with their children.  People often remark of their own feeds, “it’s like I wasn’t even on that trip at all.”

End it now.  End it and hash tag your photos as #momsadventuretoo

We know you’re out there adventuring.  We want to see you.  Your kids will thank you when they get older and they have loads of photos of their beautiful outdoorsy mom sitting in a mud puddle, summiting a mountain, walking a beautiful pathway in town, and just generally being your super badass mom self.

At the end of the month, Ellie and I will choose 4 of you to be featured on our Social Media. As an added bonus, you’ll receive some lovely art cards with nature scenes on them if you are chosen!!

So don’t just get adventuring, get that hashtag on there #momsadventuretoo

#momsadventuretoo Winter Hike at Johnston’s Canyon in Banff National Park 2017

We want you, even if you didn’t brush your hair… for 3 weeks. (Update: I have located my brush finally.)


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