Erinn Bosch of Mom Wears Hiking Boots Adventure Co.
This is always the worst part, the first blog… Will people read it? Will they think it’s terrible? Will I spell something wrong, or use two spaces instead of one after a period? Seriously, these are things I think about.

Hiking at High Noon Hills

 My name is Erinn and I am the mom behind Mom Wears Hiking Boots Adventure Co. If you’re wondering what exactly I do for a living, you are not alone. I often wonder that myself. A good friend recently sent me a video blog by Marie Forleo entitled “How to Pursue All Your Passions Without Looking Flaky.” There, Forleo coins the term “Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur” which I feel describes me perfectly.

I am, first and foremost a wife and mother.  In my spare time, I help my husband run his social media for his company, I run crafting classes for children and paint/refinish furniture, sell eggs, raise chickens, provide after school care, work part time running teen programming in my town and basically accept that my job situation is constantly morphing into something new, different, and often very entertaining for those around me. I also have a love for run-on sentences, as you may have noticed above!

I am a hobby photographer. I am also a hobby artist, quite by accident, after a drawing class with Hermann Brandt, that essentially changed the way I look at things. He’s an extremely talented artist, and a patient and skilled teacher. I literally had no idea I could draw anything other than stick people.  My mind was blown.

I don’t label myself as an environmentalist, although I think issues of the environment are important.  I wouldn’t say I’m a hardcore adventurer, although I’d try all sorts of crazy trips. I’m definitely not a fitness guru, something I continue to work towards though!  I would, however, very accurately describe myself as enthusiastic and I really do love the outdoors. I will roll with the title of Outdoor Enthusiast.

Left to Right; Isaac (Ikey), Sam, Eli, Erinn

Hiking is my favorite.  Over the years I have tried skating, skiing, snowboarding, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, wake surfing, wakeboarding, and snowshoeing.  I think a lot of my hiking love has to do with my love of photography, and my desire to really soak it all in.  I love that I can do that at whatever pace I want.  Generally a slow one.  (I have really short legs.)

My kids might not always enjoy hiking like I do, but I know they understand there’s some kind of weird magic in it for me.  Often I catch them trying to figure out exactly what that is.

I’m excited you have joined me this far into my first blog. Truth be told, this is the end of it.  I wanted you to get an introduction, not a life story. I’m excited to share adventures, gear reviews, hike ideas, good reads, anecdotes and much more with you.

Aspen Trees at High Noon Hills

Stay tuned! You won’t be sorry!

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